ManFlu can manifest itself in many ways, the list below will outline some of the more common symptoms but the list could go on for ever, think of it as a score card, the more of the symptoms you tot up below, the more severe his symptoms will be and will probably go on developing more from the list if you do not nip it in the bud and carry out some of our recomendations without question and with unconditional love, only that way will you be sure of a full recovery and that ManFlu will not lay dormant and come back at a later date only more severe !

Watch for these signs that your man may be suffering

  • He cannot give you a concise breakdown of his symptoms and relies on ‘it hurts everywhere’.
  • his is a competitive ailment, so if you point out you suffered from the same thing but struggled through and recovered he responds: “Oh, but this is much worse.”
  • He retreats to bed or the sofa and appears nervous at the thought of moving, especially when the word ‘work’ is used or if the phrase “get it yourself” is used in anger.
  • He may be found watching daytime programmes such as Jeremy Kyle or his favourite football DVD.
  • Men suffering from man flu are often unable to carry out their normal chores. If challenged they may sigh heavily, look martyred and state: “I am ill you know”.
  • The patient may also pore over an A-Z guide to health problems or trawl medical sites on the internet, with a resulting rise in the number and severity of symptoms.

We try to update the list of common symptoms as we continue our research. We can only do this with your help, if you feel you have something you can add to the list please contact us, it is only with your help that we can fully understand the extent and severity of symptoms that men can suffer from when suffering from this disorder.

Now you’ve seen the symptoms read the hints and tips section to find out how you can help your loved one. Failure to treat MANFLU effectively COULD lead to ‘acute’ MANFLU, a rare disorder that renders your man totally inept, something he may never recover from, once a man has had ‘acute’ MANFLU he will be prone to regular bouts of MANFLU which current research suggests may occur on an annual basis. Therefore it is in your best interest to treat your man with love and a great deal of pampering.

Good Luck, you’re going to need it !!!